I’ve known forever that I like art. Some people search a lifetime for their passion, but I guess I’m one of the lucky ones… I’m doing it! I’m using my talents to paint, draw and design fun projects.

My most recent creative project can be viewed at freshisreal.com.

My experience includes working for a commercial printer as a graphic designer to going back to school for a multimedia/web program to where I am now still working as a designer for a total of 20+ years.

In addition to being a freelance designer, I was a creative director for Cyan Solutions, a full-service design, and marketing firm. They provide marketing solutions for a wide range of businesses in Ottawa, Ontario, throughout Canada and even the US. From business cards, tradeshow displays, to everything in between, my design expertise helped their clients stand out in today’s competitive market.

As a designer, I get excited when I meet people that are starting a company or have been in the business for a while and need to change their look. I love to discuss with them and build a relationship to understand what they are trying to achieve. From the initial creation of a logo to designing some collateral, this is what I strive to do, create clean and effective pieces.